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The Package Deal World Chronological Order

The Package Deal Series has grown beyond the original seven books. We both fell in love with the men in Portland, and couldn't bear to say goodbye to them. So the series is now a world, and  includes  solo books and a new series featuring some of the new characters in the original series.  We thought an updated reading order might be helpful to help you maximize your reading pleasure.  

#1 - The Quarterback Keeper

#2 - Pass Interference

#3 - Unnecessary Roughness

#4 - Sparks with the Fireman (Amber Falls Series by Rheland Richmond) - Coming Soon

#5 - Two-Point Conversion Holiday Novella

#6 - Illegal Motion 

#7-Ineligible Receiver

#8 - Roughing the Kicker

#9 - We Could Do This Forever by Emerson Beckett

Portland Protectors- EHM Security Series

#10 - The Rockstar- Book 1 - December 12, 2023

#11- We Could Do This Tonight by Emerson Beckett

# 12- The Linebacker - Book 2 

#13 - The Billionaire- Book 3   (June 2024)

#14- The Dreamboat- Book 4 (Fall 2024)

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