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About Emerson

Emerson Beckett is no longer new to the publishing world. As an avid sports fan and lover of well-written M/M romance books, Emerson loves her new career as an author of gay romance. It’s even more fulfilling for her when she can combine the two.


The journey to becoming an author started with an idea while reading on the sofa. That idea became an email that ultimately resulted in Emerson using those teacher skills to edit novels for three phenomenal MM romance authors. The third referral led to an opportunity to co-write a book series with one of the most genuine and kindest people she’s ever had the pleasure of knowing- Rheland Richmond.


Emerson is the co-author of The Package Deal Series, and The Portland Protectors Series with Rheland Richmond. She released her first solo duet ~ We Could Do This Forever (September 2023) and We Could Do This Tonight (February 2024).


Besides being a retired teacher and author, Emerson lives in North Carolina and has been married to the same man for 34 years. She is the mother of three beautiful adults, one of whom is completely responsible for her addiction to MM Romance. Even though the kids no longer live at home, they filled the empty nest with an Australian Shepherd, four cats, and a cute bunny rabbit.

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