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The first book in the sexy new bodyguard series set in the Package Deal World.

Adam Spencer – “The Rockstar”
Here’s what I know—some people aren’t meant to find love.
And as much as I want to be someone’s everything, that’s not meant for me.
After a painful breakup, I channeled all my hurt into a song that has skyrocketed my band, Fallen Angel, to the top of the charts.
Now I need protection from the one person who was supposed to love me no matter what—my mother.
Whether I want him or not, I now have a sexy, silver-tongued southern charmer as my 24/7 bodyguard.
I’ve tried not to fall for him, because I don’t do relationships. They hurt too much.
But Michael has me thinking I could take one more chance to find love.
Or was I meant to be alone like I'd thought all along?

Michael Coleman – “Phantom”
I’ve always been a protector. During my career as a Navy SEAL, my duty was to find undisclosed information and protect my team.
Now I need to protect the sexy rockstar I love flirting with every time he walks in the door to our EHM office.
Adam Spencer lights me up like no one ever has. And that’s saying something.
I’ll do whatever it takes to protect him, even from himself.
Have I finally found the love I’ve been hoping for with my rockstar?


The Rockstar is a flirty, friends-to-lovers, bodyguard and rockstar MM Romance that takes place in the Package Deal Series World. It can be read as a stand-alone book.


Trigger Warning: There is off the page reference to physical abuse to a minor.

If Patrick dies from that accident, I might as well die too. There’s no way I can live without him.”


Patrick Griffin

The last thing I remember when my car slammed into the guardrail was the sound of Cole’s voice over the sound system. And if I was going to die, listening to the love of my life sing to me was how I wanted to go.

Let me back up.

As a linebacker in the NFL, I’ve never been able to find the right time to come out of the closet. Not even when I promised Cole I would.

Now Cole’s band, Fallen Angel, is in the spotlight along with me and my team. As far as the world is concerned, we’re just best friends. But the lie we’ve lived all our lives is tearing us apart. No one knows about the weight I’m carrying on my shoulders that keeps me from coming out as a bisexual man. And it just might be too late to save us when I can.


Cole Bradley

Is it wrong for me to want the world to know I’m in love with Patrick Griffin, and have been since we were eight-years-old?

He is the love of my life, but years of waiting and excuses push me to the edge. Watching our friends and his teammates have a public life is all I can take.

And when he tells yet another reporter he’s single, the crack in my heart pulling us apart grows even bigger.

I need a break, and going on tour with my band, without him, just might be the time I need to get my head on straight.

But I make a terrible mistake.

The last time Patrick tries to get me to come home, I push him away again. And on the way back to Portland, he’s involved in a terrible crash that might end his life before we can find a way back to each other.

If he lives, I’ll do whatever I have to in order to be with him. Even if it means living in the closet for the rest of our lives.

Content warning: This book contains memory references to off the page violence and death toward off the page characters, and severe trauma and head injury resulting from an automobile accident.


The Linebacker is a highly emotional, childhood best friends-to-lovers, secret MM Romance. It is book two in the Portland Protectors-EHM Security Series and the eleventh book in the Package Deal World. Characters from the previous books appear within the story and create a strong found family trope.


To maximize reader enjoyment, it is highly recommended to read the other books in the Package Deal Series, as well as book one, The Rockstar. Series reading order can be found at the beginning of each book.

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