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The Billionaire

Coming July 29th

There's a thin line between love and hate, and I hate that I'm still in love with him. 

★Austin “Daredevil” Wentworth★
I hate Greer Rowan.

Hate how I feel when he looks at me, hate the way things ended, and I hate that he’s my older brother’s best friend.

I hate how badly I want him, and most of all, I hate that I’m still stupidly in love with him. 

Now Greer has hired me to do the impossible with him on an international excursion that’s going to land us together in his bed. Problem is, I might not hate that.

★Greer Rowan★
I’ve been such a fool.

I had my reasons for doing what I did, and I know I hurt him. Austin may never understand, but I’m going to force him to hear me out. And if pushing all his protector buttons to get him to pretend to be my boyfriend at my niece’s wedding won’t do the trick, I’ll dare him to do something else because that angry man is all I want.

Austin is the love of my life. We’re supposed to be together, and I’ve already wasted too many years without him.

The Billionaire is book three in the Portland Protectors- EHM Security series. It is a not so fake boyfriend, gay for you, brother’s best friend, grumpy sunshine MM Romance with a swoony HEA.

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